Brown Linen Chesterfield Upholstered Coffee Table Storage Ottoman Footstool

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This elegant piece of Bedroom Furniture would be a perfect model for any household.

This Footstool is very simple to assemble.

This Footstool has a luxurious padded Buttoned top, and is covered in Soft brown Chenille Fabric. It also has attractive Mahogany brassed castor Legs. This Model is absolutely perfect for any room in the home, as a Footstool or coffee Table, with the added bonus of a handy storage area for books, toys etc.


Footstool exterior;-

Height;- 39.5cm

Depth;- 58cm

Length;- 86cm

Footstool Storage Area;-


Height;- 15.5cm

Depth;- 52.5cm

Length;- 80cm



Please note that this Footstool is of the highest quality, and its Represented Retail Price (RRP) is £299.99.

Perfectly Sized for any room.

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